Thank you God for COVID-19

Prayer Request to Consuelo Zobel de Ayala y Montojo Terrentegui Zambrano Alger Aloha dearest Consuelo, You have been an inspiration to me during our family crisis. For over a year I’ve been unemployed. Pray to you frequently. Your compassion is limitless. In our dark, chaotic world, your light directs us all to a brighter path. … Continue reading Thank you God for COVID-19

Aloha Friday: Life is Amazing; Life is Awful

This has to be a most magical day: Aloha Friday and Valentine's. Two powerful forces of love, kindness and compassion intersecting solely to bring you happiness and joy. Will you be my Valentine? Face it. Life is Amazing; Life is Awful. One day we're floating on Cloud 9. The next moment we find ourselves crushed … Continue reading Aloha Friday: Life is Amazing; Life is Awful

The Collapse of Love and Compassion

Guess I have always been a bit of a philosopher. Remember how my college friends and I would spend hours after dinner in the student union discussing the "meaning of life." They urged me to write a book. I believe it is time and have begun the first chapters. The USA and world appears to … Continue reading The Collapse of Love and Compassion