Privileged Racists Oppose Cannabis

Privileged White Americans love to drink alcohol (see Demographics of Alcohol below). Conversely, White Evangelical Protestants, primarily women, are most likely to oppose marijuana in society. [1] "Just Say No To Drugs," they warn. They don't consider alcohol a drug. "We've got to protect the kids from the evil weed," they say. Kids easily get … Continue reading Privileged Racists Oppose Cannabis

Fox News Dr Siegel Misleads on Cannabis and Psychosis

Fox News contributor, Dr. Marc "Henny Penny" Siegel continues his misleading campaign on Cannabis and Psychosis. What is Psychosis? Most people don't know what is psychosis: defined as a break with reality characterized by hallucinations, delusions, impaired thinking and lack of motivation. Here are the numbers: Cannabis leads to psychosis in one of 10,235 users. … Continue reading Fox News Dr Siegel Misleads on Cannabis and Psychosis

Marijuana Addiction

ClearHealth attends a major medical training [4.13.13] on addiction, including discussions on alcohol, tobacco, opioids and illicit drugs. The program discusses an effective practice to treat Substance Use Disorders: Screening, Brief Intervention, Referal and Treatment (SBIRT) Take a few minutes to tell us what you think of their section on Cannabis (marijuana) Addiction. Download the … Continue reading Marijuana Addiction