George J. Jetson Will Not Be Born Today

Some perceptive fans of The Jetsons, which is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions beginning in 1962, pointed out that cartoon episodes claimed George Jetson, full name George J. Jetson, was born today, July 31, 2022.

However, young George J. was not born today. We give you the real Back To The Future story.

In the mythical tale of the space-aged family, young George John was to be born today. But the world has changed since the series aired in the less complicated era of the 1960s. Just as the family life depicted in sitcoms such as Leave It To Beaver doesn’t exist today; family life envisioned by Hanna-Barbara doesn’t exist either.

The authors created a future society projected through a lens of their expectations about families, particularly roles of raising children on women and men. They even assumed the family would have a maid to help out. Parents aren’t so fortunate today.

Family structure is different. Our behavior is far different. And the issue of abortion dominates our political and social agendas at this time. Communities wrestle with standards. Let’s consider a “Sliding Doors” scenario for the Jetson family.

In this modernized version, George John Jetson cannot be born today … as the Jetson family decided to ABORT the developing baby who would have grown to become George John. In the revised mythical animation, Ralph and Pauline Jetson, would-be-parents of George, choose the right to manage their reproduction schedule. Just wasn’t the right time.

Due to abortion privileges of our modern society, George John Jetson was not born today. There will never be an Elroy or Judy Jetson. Jane will not grow up to marry George John. She will never hear George John say, “Jane! Stop this crazy thing!”

Regardless one’s position on abortion — The People should have a robust discussion over this extremely-sensitive moral, physical and emotional dilemma. Decisions have consequences, and how the world would have changed had the Jetson family decided to abort the life of the potential George John Jetson. Makes one think, doesn’t it?

The Jetsons were created by Hanna-Barbara Productions on September 23, 1962. 

Roe passed in 1973. There have been over 70 MILLION abortions since the SCOTUS decision fifty years ago. 

George John Jetson might have been a victim of Roe!!! Abortion sucks the life out of a developing baby. Too bad for poor George John. This mythical example shows the awesome responsibility on women, men and society when contemplating the issue of abortion.

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