Watch Out for Samoans in Hawai’i. They Ain’t Always Friendly

Today as the State of Hawai’i and nation mourns the 80th observation of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, changing our world forever, we’re suffering massive rains and an extreme cold snap. Good day to spend time indoors and chat on social media.

National Cemetery at Punchbowl. All Gave Some; Some Gave All. Thanks to our Heroes
National Cemetery at Punchbowl. All Gave Some; Some Gave All. Thanks to our Heroes

Some acquaintance who friended me years ago posted a cute picture of her family. Lilia Fonoimoana is from Kahuku on O’ahu’s northeast side. This area harbors much animosity toward people from mainland, as well as those of lighter skin tones who live in the islands.

Hawai’i is advertised as a Land of Aloha. This is tourism marketing for the most part. Costs are high; wages low; and in general, ordinary groups of people harbor much resentment and hostility toward each other. This darkness always saddens me. Thus, I hope to spread light, good will and happiness when possible.

Sometimes, the ugliness is simply too great and it’s best to walk away. Lilia posted a cute family picture. Thought I might compliment her tribe and poke a little fun at the same time. Our boys across America enjoy their fashion statement of drooping their drawls. As such, I commented:

Beautiful family. Sorry they so poor … can’t even afford one belt

Back to Samoa They Go
Back to Samoa They Go

Lilia didn’t see the humor in my comment.

Dearest, Go Fxck yourself……That might keep you busy…….Have a great day doing so……Thank You, and get the fxck off my page……

I had no reason to continue receiving posts from Lilia Fonoimoana. I reminded her I had never been to her page. It was her posts and comments that were coming to MY newsfeed.

You know what happens next. The WOKE young lady would likely unfriend and block me for standing up to her foul and uncivil language and behavior. I quickly grabbed some screenshots and personal information to document this incident.

Sure enough … blocked.

Not sure why these girls spend so much time seeking friends and connections. Guess it’s a popularity game with them, “I have 3 million likes” or something. They spend all their free time pumping up their stats on social media, but inside, they’re cold, angry, mean and insecure.

Lilia is married, however she posts dozens of pictures of herself in revealing and provocative ways. She went to Kahuku High and Intermediate School, while not seeming to develop much sophistication or class.

Luv U 4evah, Lilia's fren writes
Luv U 4evah, Lilia’s “fren” writes

Social media is not a positive new feature in our lives. Lilia would likely never have spoken to me this way in person. Had we been face to face, she might have laughed along with me about the falling pants.

Social media seems to distance us from each other rather than connect us. I told a friend the other day we’re the most disconnected connected generation in world history.

Like that? New concept: disconnected connected people.

Well, Lilia is gone. Off into the virtual netherworld. A connection who was not really a connection and now simply a brief memory of disconnect, insecurity and negativity.

Yes, very icy here in Hawai’i today. Be careful on social media. Hope you no get frostbite.

May Ke Akua bless you and Mele Kalikimaka!

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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