Ask Consuelo to PRAY for CEO Connie Lau

Consuelo Zobel de Ayala y Montojo Terrentegui Zambrano Alger was born into a family which has been at the top of the business, social and cultural scene of the Philippines since their introduction to the country some 400 years ago.



Aloha e Consuelo,
You wrote beautifully, “My mission will begin after my death. I will spend my heaven doing good on earth…”

I send my prayer to you, as I seek your help to do good here on earth. I’m in pain. We all suffer as we age. My medical team recommended a medication some consider controversial. It comes directly from God.

I was happy. My wife and I had a productive life. We were serving our community and doing the best we could to be respectful and decent citizens. HEI CEO Connie Lau stripped me of my work. This embarrassed me in front of my colleagues and managers. I’ve been isolated, totally alone, watching the world go by me, as I now suffer in frustration.

KITV Considers Connie Lau a “remarkable” woman

I ask you to pray for Ms. Lau. We do. We still believe she is a good person and compassionate soul, but is caught defending a broken policy and that conflicts her ego. She likely doesn’t want to appear wrong.

I’m not here to blame. Mistakes happen; miscommunications occur. Please hear my prayer to you and help Ms. Lau be the “bigger” person here. It’s not wrong until we fail to correct the miscommunication. Please help Connie see this.

She and I can be allies. We can work together for the good of residents of Hawai’i. Your philosophy is, “What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.” I pray to you to help Ms. Lau love our family at this time. There are over 27,000+ suffering patients in Hawai’i who have chosen a natural, legal and prescribed medication over man-made products.

We respect God. Jesus commanded to heal ourselves. We are trying. But the Devil has told many lies about this natural plant. Help leaders like Ms. Lau to hear and see the beauty of God.

September 25th will be seven (7) months of sitting on the sidelines as I watch my world go by. I am now 62 years of age. I can manage my physical pain, but struggle with the emotional and psychological pain of being discarded, shamed, disparaged and disgraced.

The Ultimate Goal

Consuelo was quite clear on what she wanted the Consuelo Foundation to do when she wrote, “I would like us to renew hope for those who have lost it or give hope to those who have never had it.”

Please hear my prayer, the prayers of both my wife and I, as we ask for reason, compassion and justice in this matter. My team loved me; my manager respected me. This injustice is a miscommunication. Some say Ms. Connie Lau is a remarkable woman. We hope so. Please touch her heart and ask her to end this tragedy in our lives.

Individual Worth

Consuelo, you believe in the inherent right of every individual to self-respect, dignity and self-esteem.  You acknowledge each person is a unique human being with pride, needs, values and innate worth.  You command those who support your foundation to work with a rich, diverse mixture of people; honor that diversity and respect their right for equal opportunity and self-determination.

CEO Lau listens to you. We pray to you with love!

Thank you for your gracious and compassionate kindness.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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