UGLY American Colonialism Continues in Brazil

Lauren Steiner, Robust Opposition

Lauren Steiner, from Robust Opposition, is at 8484 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, California, which is home to the Brazilian Embassy. Her group protests new Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, for burning down the Rain Forest in Brazil.

Brazil contains about 60 percent of the Amazon rainforest, whose degradation could have severe consequences for global climate and rainfall. Bolsonaro said he wants to convert land for cattle pastures for beef production and soybean farms.

Anuhea Speaks Out to PROTECT the Amazon and Planet


Wanna save the Amazon? Here’s something we CAN do: don’t eat beef! I haven’t eaten beef or pork in years, but I’m ready to take it to the next level and give up dairy cheese milk and eventually chicken too. I feel helpless watching these videos of the Amazon rain forest burning- not just on a cultural level as we as Hawaiians can relate to with the desecration of our natural lands, but also on the logical level.

They are literally burning the forest to make more room to grow food for cows! So we can eat them! Why don’t we just stop eating cows and eat the food from the land instead, and stop creating more mouths to feed? So many levels to this are so short-sighted, and if the reason is as selfish as “it tastes good” …. I can do without it.

It’s soooo Duh 😤 and I’m so sorry to all the chefs and bbq restaurant owners and caterers that I know and who have fed me in the past, but I’m so fricken over it. I love animals and don’t want to eat them anymore. It’s not worth the damage it’s doing. I’m done.

We can do something about it. Take the journey toward going vegan with me, and I’ll share my ride with you, too. More soon, just had to get this off my chest right now k bye. #anujammers #goingvegan #forreal#onestepatatime #nobeef #savetheamazon #savetheworld

California liberal Blanca C Hernandez claims she wants to save the rainforest. Demanding beef leads to destruction of the trees. She can’t put 2 + 2 together. Want to save the forest? Stop eating beef.

Liberal Blanca Loves Steak. Consumption Destroys the Rainforest

French President Macron called the wildfires an international crisis and said the leaders of the Group of 7 nations should hold urgent discussions about them at their summit in France this weekend.

“Our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen — is on fire.”
French President Emmanuel Macron

Bolsonaro fired back: “I regret that Macron seeks to make personal political gains in an internal matter for Brazil and other Amazonian countries. The sensationalist tone he used does nothing to solve the problem.”

Lauren claims the president told “agriculture and loggers they can burn down the rain forest. And, so 75 separate fires, thousands and thousands of acres, and the rain forest is half the size of Europe and it is absolutely necessary for carbon sink and everything.”


The protest leader says she wants to remind us, “We’re all the same. I hope today we just talk about humanity, not about organizations or anything. We’re here because what is happening to humanity and to the planet and to the animals of the world is painful for all of us. We’re here to make a presence in front of this building to say that we do not agree; this is not a representation of who we are as people, not here, not in Brazil, not in any country.” [source]

American Colonialism Continues

Citizens of the United States of America are collectively the richest people in the history of the world. We carved out this land for our nation by pushing off and killing the indigenous tribes and their civilizations. We raped our lands of raw materials, and went around the world to find raw materials we needed to develop our lavish lifestyle.

Friend and Great Musician, Steve Eaton, Seeks Ideas

As a nation, we’re about 4% of the world population yet use some 25% of energy and raw materials. We create about 25% of the world pollution as well.

Now, we recognize we are over-crowding our planet, and over-using non-renewable fuels for our insatiable demand for energy and consumer products. Today, there is a small, but vocal, protest against the nation of Brazil for doing EXACTLY what we, as Americans, have been doing for generations.

As I commented on their page, “PROTEST the burning of the Amazon Rain Forest?

Americans CUT DOWN our own rain forest for towns, homes and development generations ago. We made trillions of dollars by removing our own trees. We built large community centers, cleared millions of acres for farmland, and used this land to make money for our families and nation.

Now, Brazil is burning down their rain forest — as we did — and Americans want them to stop. Why should they?

We are rich; they are poor. They want to clear trees so they can develop agricultural lands and communities. Just as did Americans. This allows them make money, as did Americans. We can do this but they cannot?

We are extremely selfish and culturally-centristic. If we want to save the trees, then buy or lease their TREES — PAY Brazil NOT to cut them down. They need money. If you want the trees to survive, then fund Brazil to create a sanctuary of trees and animals and culture in the Rain Forest. They have a right to make money from their land, as we made money from ours.

ONLY RICH PRIVILEGED Americans would believe THEY have the Right to TELL POOR nations what to do with their land.

Talk about a colonial attitude in the USA!!!

Want to SAVE the Environment?

Great! I agree. Here’s how:

#1: STOP using oil

#2: STOP buying anything made from plastic, as it comes from oil.

#3: STOP eating BEEF and animal proteins.

#4: START using HEMP instead of plastics; instead of cotton for fabrics, and instead of other raw materials. It is an excellent alternative to most basic materials and is environmentally-friendly and bio-degrades safely.

#5: BEGIN demanding an energy grid based on Hydrogen fuel, supplemented with solar and wind technologies. This will take some ten years. Just as JFK put our nation on a path to the moon in ten years, we can remove ourself and the world from non-renewable energy, i.e., oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear, sources in this time.

#6: Lease from Brazil the Rain Forest so they preserve this land and natural environment to help heal the planet. But Americans MUST PAY. We destroyed our own forests. We have also contributed the most greatly to the pollution and destruction of the global environment.

The TIME to begin is now. Do you have the COURAGE to start?

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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