Americans Hospitalized for Vaping. Senator Roz Baker Encourages Vaping

UPDATE: 8.19.19 [3]: I have tried to reach you using Kindness and Professional Courtesy. You ignore me and refuse to meet. You say, for example, “There are issues w/ edibles that i hope weʻll be able to address.”

When? Ten years from now? People SUFFER today. People DIE today. Your attitude, similar to responses from elected officials across the nation in reaction to death and danger is “thoughts and prayers … maybe we’ll get to it next session.” Senator Baker, next session is in two years. Promises of “maybe” do not suggest to voters we have responsible government.

I offered to assist. You requested research and information from me. I provided that to you in a matter of days. You then told me you were again too busy to do more.

I offer to assist as a volunteer — for free — to help ALL the suffering people in our islands. You do not hear our cries for help. There are “solutions” in both Hawai’i and America. Our elected officials have no “sense of urgency.” You do not demonstrate “compassion” for our fears and uncertainties. It appears to us you are “out of touch” with the urgent challenges we face.

In response, we put out “inflammatory statements” to get your attention. The way to start — in our opinion — is to simply start. Let’s work together. I’m available — at your disposal — as a volunteer. I ask for no money. Just an honest and sincere commitment from you to collaborate and work together.

You stated, “Also vaping is not a proven cessation device.”

Are you an EXPERT on addiction recovery? I am. I hold seven (7) certifications as an addiction specialist from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. I disagree professionally with your statement. Vaping is a “proven” cessation device. It is also “proven” to not work with everyone. It is “proven” no one method works for everyone. As specialists, we use therefore a “toolbox” of methods and strategies. Vaping nicotine is a “proven” tool in our box.

Experts are aware nicotine is “proven” to be a highly-addictive product. Yet vaping of nicotine is growing at alarming and epidemic-level rates. Elected officials in Hawai’i are not doing enough, in my professional opinion, to thwart this challenge.

Now, how about getting together to begin working together? Maybe if we get to know each other personally, we can be more effective professionally?

What do you say?

On Aug 19, 2019, at 7:59 AM, Rosalyn Baker <> wrote:

Then don’t put a out inflammatory statements would be one way to start. Also vaping is not a proven cessation device. E- liquids contain nicotine so youth are getting hooked. I’m sure you are aware of the harmful effects of nicotine. Those are a start. Regards, Roz

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UPDATE: 8.19.19 [2]: I am seeking resolution to deadly challenges in our society, not a fight with you. Where am I incorrect?

On Aug 19, 2019, at 7:49 AM, Rosalyn Baker <> wrote:

Your characterization and information you cite as fact are incorrect.

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UPDATE: 8.19.19 [1]: Aloha Senator Baker,
Appreciate hearing from you. I would love to meet in person and have an adult discussion with you. I have made this request previously.

This last session, you PROHIBITED legal medical cannabis suffering patients from having access to products that HELP us. You “did not” protect children. You just punished decent people — claiming WE would be irresponsible with our use of these products.

You found us GUILTY of crimes without any proof. You found us GUILTY without even giving us a change to PROVE our ability to act responsibly.

As a Public Health expert, I “do not” oppose ALL vaping. For adults who are trying to quit smoking of tobacco, vaping nicotine can be a useful “harm reduction” tool. I believe in such circumstances, we should offer adults the option to use vaping under the direction of their medical team.

And we should make vaping products available to adults who wish to quit smoking through a pharmacy or medical cannabis dispensary. There are ways to reduce access to our “protected” populations, while allowing technology and innovation for medical necessity.

I have a similar philosophy with medical cannabis “edible” products. You are “punishing” an “entire” population, over 26,000+ suffering human being patients, due to the failure of a few. I do not believe this is just, compassionate or wise.

You deny over 26,000+ suffering human being patients access to medical cannabis edible products because of your claim “children” have accidentally OD’d on them.

If we apply your reasoning to alcohol, then ALL alcohol should be prohibited in society because a few adults have allowed children to access their alcohol.

If we apply your reasoning to tobacco, then ALL tobacco products should be prohibited in society because a few adults have allowed children to access their tobacco.

If we apply your reasoning to prescription drugs, then ALL prescription drugs should be prohibited in society because a few adults have allowed children to access their prescription drugs.

Do I need to continue?

You are placing standards on the 26,000+ suffering human being cannabis patients that society “does not” place on others.

Why do you do that to us?

Second, I agree with you 100%. I will work with you in any way. We 100% want to keep medical cannabis edible products out of the hands of children. Can we use better packaging? Can we do better to educate medical cannabis patients?

Third, medical cannabis edible products are being manufactured in the homes of medical cannabis patients at this time. Every heard of “magic brownies”? I’m 61. I guess I first heard of someone putting cannabis in brownies around 20 or so — some 40 years ago. Cannabis edible products have been around America for generations.

How many Human Beings have DIED from OD on cannabis products? ZERO … in this 40 years. How many Americans have died from the smoking of tobacco? TENS of Millions; How many Americans have DIED from the consumption of alcohol? Millions.

You oppose smoking — but people here, particularly our most vulnerable populations, smoke cigarettes at alarming rates. You claim to oppose vaping — but our youngsters are vaping at epidemic proportions.

This is the record. This is YOUR record.

Our government has failed on these issues. We have spent BILLIONS of tax dollars around the nation yet we all agree the levels of recreational drug use are higher than optimal. You are a member of the government. Your methods historically have failed. You rely on a criminal justice and prohibition policies — which have failed since 1970.

Millions of Americans are DEAD. Millions have been arrested, filled our courts, and overwhelm our jails and prisons — yet the problem persists.

I am willing to meet with you anytime to have a professional conversation. When would you like to get together?

Thank you for responding. I will add both our comments to this blog article.

Mahalo nui loa!

On Aug 18, 2019, at 11:14 PM, Rosalyn Baker <> wrote:

You are so wrong. I oppose any and all forms of smoking and vaping is one of them. You should check my record. There are issues w/ edibles that i hope weʻll be able to address. I donʻt want children having access to edibles because some have ODʻd in the past. Is that what you want? No one i know supports any form of smoking of medical cannabis and vaping is smoking as far as Iʻm concerned.

Regards, Roz Baker
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I first contacted Senator Roz Baker February 2019. She chairs a senate committee that was blocking the use of edible medical cannabis products in the State of Hawai’i. I explained why these were critically important to suffering patients. She didn’t care.

State Senator Rosalyn “Roz” Baker

The senator has been questioned about her ethics and behavior on medical issues  previously. Activists opposed to forced vaccinations for children and healthcare workers unearthed evidence indicting Senator Baker and Capitol Consultants lobbyists for multiple counts of campaign financing fraud and bribery. [source]

Investigators uncovered during Senator Baker’s election cycle, 2012-2014, more than $6,000 was given to her by the Capitol Consultants “aggregate,” which is at least $2,000 beyond the senator’s legal limit.

According to Hawaii Revised Statutes §11-412(b) any scheme to conceal such information in efforts to secret excessive aggregate campaign contributions for any election cycle would be a Class C felony.

Senator Baker told me she was concerned children might gain access to the products. I mentioned children can access cannabis on our streets today. Medical cannabis patients often make their own edibles. Children can access these homemade products.

Any person, child or adult, who consumes too much cannabis (ODs) will either go to sleep or suffer an extremely negative “bad trip.” They will not die. They will feel terrible for about 4-8 hours — and they will be more careful in the future — much like putting one’s hand on a hot burner.

Nearly three dozen young people have been hospitalized around the country in recent weeks for severe respiratory problems after vaping either nicotine or marijuana, stumping doctors treating them

Senator Baker and her committee successfully prevented edible medical cannabis products from being distributed through our legal, and highly-secured, system of about eleven dispensaries in our islands. Great victory for the senator from Maui.

StarAd reports today: Nearly three dozen young people have been hospitalized around the country in recent weeks for severe respiratory problems after vaping either nicotine or marijuana, stumping doctors treating them. [source]

The Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin public health departments are investigating these cases and at least 20 additional emergency admissions that doctors suspect are related to vaping some substance, possibly even illegal street drugs or adulterated liquids laced with THC, the ingredient that produces marijuana’s high.

There are also cases in California, which appear to be associated with vaping cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Physiological Effects of Vaping

I considered vaping, as the combustion and inhaling of cannabis can cause throat irritation. Some medical professionals suggest vaping as an alternative. I tried it. I purchased a small, pen-like device and some oil-based cannabis products.

I’m an athlete. I have strong, healthy lungs. The combustion and inhaling of cannabis does not cause me negative effects. Vaping caused me to experience shortness of breath and lung constriction. I felt as if I couldn’t breath. Must be similar to the effects an asthma patient suffers. It was scary. I stopped. I instead shifted to edible products to supplement my pain management issues.

I use a very small amount of fresh, flower cannabis, which I must inhale by combusting. This enters my system immediately and I can control the medical dose. The pain analgesic effect last about 2-3 hours.

I supplement with an edible medical cannabis product that takes more time to enter my system, is somewhat difficult to dose accurately, but the pain analgesic effects last for a longer period — 4-6 hours.

This combination of cannabis medication taken about 7:30PM in the evening reduced my pain suffering and allowed me to sleep deeply through the night. I woke refreshed and ready to begin another busy day.

I lost my job at Hawaiian Electric on February 25, 2019. I started with the company in August 2018 and had been working for the company successfully for some six months. They had renewed my contract, and appreciated my skilled service so much they offered me an “internal” and permanent position in January 2019.

Hawaiian Electric announced they selected me on February 11th. I needed to complete their criminal background check — successful.

HEI CEO Connie Lau and HECO HR Rep Shana Buco

Hawaiian Electric Industries CEO Connie Lau required a pre-employment drug screen. I met with HR rep Elizabeth “Liz” Deer on February 14th. I disclosed my disability and legal medical cannabis prescription. Ms. Deer informed me I would be fine. I completed the drug screen. As expected, I showed positive for past cannabis use.

The Straub Clinic notified Hawaiian Electric HR of the results about February 18th. On February 20th, Hawaiian Electric IT Security Herman Lau contacted me. He congratulated me and told me HR had informed him my official start date would be February 25th.

On February 25, 2019, Hawaiian Electric HR rep Shana Buco fired me. Said the drug screen showed I had been “intoxicated and impaired in the workplace”; that I was a “danger to coworkers, the company and public in general”; and that I was “engaged in illegal activity.” Thus, I was a drug-thug criminal and Bad Boy in the eyes of Connie Lau and Hawaiian Electric management.

Senator Baker forces suffering patients in Hawai’i to consider vaping, which damages the lungs. Hawaiian Electric, one of the most prestigious companies on island, first told me I was permitted to use medical cannabis in accordance with State law; then took away my job for using medical cannabis in accordance with State law, as well as in compliance with the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act (DFWA), while slandering my good name and professional reputation.

I tried to reach my U.S. Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard. She refuses to meet with me, although I volunteer for her presidential campaign. She advocates for full legalization of cannabis at the federal level. She promised to meet with anyone,anywhere.


Tulsi lied to me. I offered to pay my way to meet anywhere,anytime. Had an innovative healthcare plan for her. Needed just 20 minutes. Won’t even consider my desperate cry for help!

Why do they call this the Aloha State?

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