College employee called police on student eating lunch

Whether one is Black or male, a despicable trend continues across the nation furthered primarily by White women who use Emergency 911 services to harass, intimidate and threaten those they dislike.


Michelle Lou, writing in Huffington Post, detailed the frustration and humiliation Oumou Kanoute suffered when an unnamed White employee at Smith College called police, as Kanoute “seemed to be out of place.”


Oumou wrote on her Facebook page, “I am blown away at the fact that i cannot even sit down and eat lunch peacefully. Today someone felt the need to call the police on me while I was sitting down reading, and eating in a common room at Smith College. This person didn’t try to bring their concerns forward to me, but instead decided to call the police.”

I understand Ms. Kanoute’s pain. Michele Lewis, the Wicked Witch of Wellbridge, who is both a rookie assistant general manager and part-time yoga instructor, called Emergency 911 on me for taking too long to shower.

Michele Lewis is the Wicked Witch of Wellbridge

Tagged as #NoNamasteMichele by friends and family, the uncivil and poorly-trained professional remains in her job. She had been recently named the new assistant at Wellbridge Corporation Highpoint Sports & Wellness.

Ms. Kanoute wrote about her harrowing experience, “I was very nervous, and had a complete metldown after this incident. It’s just wrong and uncalled for.”

I also melted down. I wanted to die. I had been a positive member of the athletic club for some 18 years and used their facilities over 4,000 times. #NoNamasteMichele embarrassed and humiliated me in front of friends and acquaintances of years.

When I walked out of the locker room, she was in my face. “Get out!!!” I asked why she was doing this to me. “Get out!!!” Their maintenance employee had given me permission.

While I was walking toward the building exit, she screamed at me, “I’m calling the police.” “Why? I’m leaving,” I responded in frustration. “Why would you call the police?” Wicked Michele instructed her staff to call Emergency 911.

Insecure, passive aggressive people, primary White women, who hate on men and People of Color continue this dastardly behavior. Police leaders and politicians are pussies. They won’t stand up to corporate America. Although this act violates the law, they look the other way.

Applicable law is clear: New Mexico Statute § 63-9D-11.1. Violation; penalties.

A. Any person who knowingly dials 911 for the purpose of reporting a false alarm, making a false complaint or reporting false information that results in an emergency response by any public safety agency is guilty of a petty misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500) or imprisonment for a term not to exceed six months, or both.

When one can LEGALLY summon Emergency 911

I then asked as I walked by the water dispenser, “May I at least have a glass of water?” NO!!! GET OUT!!!

What is wrong with America? White women have called police on men for wanting to use the bathroom at a Philadelphia Starbucks; for allegedly BBQing in the wrong location in Oakland; for using swimming pools; for eating lunch; for selling water outside an apartment; and, in my case, for taking a shower.

Witches and Bitches and Snitches!

In some cases, companies fired the hostile employee. In the case of Michele Lewis, Wellbridge Corporation appears to have taken no action. Who treats human beings like this? The Wellbridge Corporation of Greenwood Village, Colorado, and Michele Lewis, that’s who!


Ms. Kanoute said the incident made her “nervous” and caused emotional distress to her. I’ve been on suicide watch. What kind of world is this? Fuck these harassers!

#NoNamasteMichele is now going to hell. She has bad karma and will suffer.

Ms. Kanoute had one request, “I demanded that the administration share the name of the person who made the 9-1-1 call so that they can confront and acknowledge the harm done to me as [a] student.”

Good luck with that! Companies and campuses protect their own. We are expendable and worthless. Shame these abusers into the dirt! Spit on them. Ridicule offenders and demand retribution. Remember — no justice; no peace!

Be strong, Sista Kanoute! You appear to be a beautiful and caring soul. Don’t let these White Bitches get you down.

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