Little Boys don’t stay little forever. They grow into Strong Men that destroy your world.

Disgraced and despicable former sports doctor Larry Nassar was in the news this week after he was assaulted hours of being placed in the general population at a federal prison in Arizona.

During the seven-day sentencing last January, Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina described Nassar as a “monster” who is “going to wither” like the wicked witch in “The Wizard of Oz.”

I know another monster. Her name is Michele Lewis and she’s the Wicked Witch of Wellbridge, Highpoint Sports & Wellness. We’ve call the sinister yoga teacher and assistant manger #NoNamasteMichele, because she called Emergency 911 on a male patron for taking too long to shower — after a club maintenance employee gave him permission to finish.


The 60-year-old guy was admired, respected and well-liked. He had been with the facility for some 18-years and had over 4,000 positive visits. He cared for others and brought smiles to long, arduous training sessions. Corporate management kicked him out.

Remembering a staff member’s birthday
Welcoming visiting athletes from Japan
Practicing gratitude with good friends
Hosting pizza party for Team Panasonic after long training camp
Birthday party for Yuka Wakabayasi and Team Edion
Supporting staff members
Christmas present for Misuki
Holiday stockings for Team Tenmaya
Teaching surf and core training to Ron and Eri

Death Warrants

Judge Aquilina said she would allow someone “to do to him what he did to others” if the Constitution allowed and told Nassar she was signing his “death warrant” with the sentence she was giving him.

What Nassar did was horrible. His action negatively impacted their emotional and psychological state — possible for life. What #NoNamasteMichele did was horrible as well. The emotional and psychological damage to the male will likely last his lifetime.

Michele Lewis even denied the member a small glass of water after his two hour workout. “GET OUT!!!” she screamed at the stunned man.

Who treats human beings like this? Larry Nassar and Michele Lewis are sick and demented human beings!


Kyle Stephens testified in Nassar’s trial. He broke the law. Michele Lewis also broke the law. Ms. Stephens told the loathsome freak, “little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women that destroy your world.”

Michele Lewis, Wicked Witch of Wellbridge, broke the law. Nobody was hurt or in danger.

And, Michele Lewis … remember little boys don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong men that will destroy your world. You need to resign now. You need to apologize to the male patron.

Neil J. Young of Huffington Post recently wrote an article documenting how White people use Emergency 911 to intimidate, harass and terrorize those they do not like. Michele Lewis terrorized the respected guy. Just as the 169 female gymnasts suffered, imagine his fear and humiliation being unjustly targeted in this manner.

Six-time Olympic medalist Aly Raisman pointed out “adult after adult” protected the evil doctor. Police, political leaders and corporate staff protect female perpetrator Michele Lewis. Society didn’t care about the young girls. Society doesn’t care about men today.


Just as powerful people ignored the helpless young ladies, America refuses to protect men today. How can YOU sleep at night?

And, similar to Ms. Raisman, we will not rest until every last trace of the influence #NoNamasteMichele had on the sports facility is destroyed like the cancer it is.


The Wellbridge corporate of Colorado includes Sports & Wellness, Bel Air Athletic Club, Harbour Island athletic club & spa, Concourse Athletic Club, Colorado Athletic Club. Northeast athletic club, MAC and more. The network defends this vile woman.

Michigan State University staff and USA Gymnastics protected depraved Larry Nassar. The pattern across America is clear. The powerful provide cover for despicable acts — all in the name of corporate and organization profits.

Highpoint general manager Rich Novelli and Wellbridge corporate regional manager Jim Gay continue to defend the rookie assistant manager. Profits are obviously more important than people in the Wellbridge network.

Get Woke!

It took decades for society to wake-up to the horrific behavior by male Larry Nassar. It may take decades, but America must end the inherent bias against men and growing misandrous treatment of males.

Citizens will never be safe until ALL people in this country are respected; until laws are enforced justly and uniformly; and until those with privilege are no longer allowed to use their power to abuse, terrorize and intimidate others.

Larry Nassar, you will die in prison for your crimes against these helpless young women. Michele Lewis, you will die in shame for your horrific molestation of this good man.

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